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Fall 2018
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wood is wood

The cement has cured and the forms have been removed.
The plan was to build the exterior walls first to support the roof and create a shield from the weather. The interior walls would then be removed. However, to proceed with the roof, one of the interior walls will require removal. This will allow access to a rotted foundation log. The foundation log rests under a major structural member supporting the entire house. This is the most difficult part of the remodel…and the most dangerous. I’m not exactly sure how this will be accomplished, but it should be very interesting. The logs are 12 to 18 inches in diameter. A few hydraulic floor jacks will be used to support the load while the lumber is installed. More on this later... 

The master carpenter, Inagakisan is the person in charge. We are very lucky to have him.

This is how to make a round log...flat. A wall of windows will be installed here.

The power planer is difficult enough to operate right side up. It's extremely difficult to use upside down. It's painful for the neck and shoulders. Amazing work for someone who has reached retirement age. Ganbatte!

The carpenter's assistant (Konosan) is marking lumber for mortise and tennons. Each carpenter has 40+ years of carpentry experience. Their skills are amazing to watch. They make it look easy.

Each mortise and tennon is cut or chiseled by hand

I’m anxious to see Inagakisan use a chainsaw to remove the logs. There is nothing more nerve wracking than to see your home being dismantled by a chainsaw. This is where 40+ years of experience comes in. He’s never worked on a log home, but for him, wood is wood. I agree with that philosophy and that’s one of the reasons why I chose him.

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