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Summer 2019
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Time to Get Started


Most of the bench testing (software and hardware) has been completed. It’s time to start construction! The area for the observatory has been cleared and leveled. Kiley and Lucky were kind enough to lend a hand. Oops, I meant to say, “paw”. Lucky inspected the area and gave the “Official Seal of Approval” by rolling in the dirt and making a mess of himself.

Looks good. Start digging!

 Lucky inspects the site. Kiley is the supervisor.
Let me roll and make sure everything is good to go.
So far, so good.

Very nice!
You're approved. Start digging!
The dimensions of the square shaped hole will be 3feet x 3feet x 2 feet. What’s the hole for George? Lucky seems to think it’s for a koi pond…dreamer. Nope, I’ve been there and done that. Instead, the hole is for a concrete pier that will support the telescope. The hole needs to be large enough to support a heavy scope and deep enough to prevent frost from lifting the pier.


Where's the koi?
Excavating the hole has been relatively easy considering the ground is riddled with rocks. I’ll finish digging the hole this week and begin forming a rebar cage for the base and the pier. Stay tuned…        George

Monday, August 4, 2014

Power Washer

I finally got around to setting up the power washer that we purchased in the states a few years back. The power washers that are available in Japan are small and inadequate for the job that I need to accomplish. The washer supplies 3000 psi and uses a small amount of water. That’s more than enough power to remove the oxidation that has formed on the logs and paneling over the years. Plus, only a small amount of water is used.

I’m amazed that after sitting in the box for almost 3 years, the washer started on the first pull! After changing a hose fitting, it was good to go. I wish I had used this tool when I had started the renovation. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy.

Once I started to clean the logs, I didn’t want to stop. It was fun and easy to do. No chemicals were used. I still need to move about 60 boxes of floor tile before I can continue with this job. The area being cleaned is the former garage and it will be remodeled into a master bedroom in the near future.    George

Note: The tip on the washer wand is designed to wash log homes. The tip produces a powerful jet of water that rotates. This rotary motion prevents tearing the logs when the spray is applied. It's very easy to use and I would highly recommend purchasing one if you have a log home to clean.