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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Here's a bit of trivia. Do you know what "NEWS" stands for? North, East, West, and South. That's not the news. Skip down a couple of paragraphs for that.
Before the door and wall was moved

After the door was moved
Before the wall was removed
Continuing the ongoing saga of our remodel…the door to the living room has been moved. A wall has been removed to make room for our couch. A new wall was built to accept the door using the recycled materials from the previous demolition.

Recyled materials after demolition
Moving the couch didn’t seem like a big deal until we actually rearranged the furniture. Amazing! All of a sudden, we have a huge living space. The couch, in its original position, closed off the living room from the kitchen and dining area. In other words, the couch was in the way. With the obstacle out of the way, we have room to roam. Cool! I forgot to mention that Erika and I are challenged when it comes to interior decoration. So when we have a successful furniture rearrangement, it’s a big deal for us.

After door and wall was moved. The tatami room will be removed next.
NEWS…I’ll be going to California for a couple of weeks to visit my mother. She’ll be celebrating her 85th birthday. It’s been almost three years since I've seen her. I promise to take lots of pictures of the trip not only for the blog, but also for my students. I leave for the U.S. on March 12th. I’ll be flying Hawaiian Airlines from Fukuoka to Honolulu to San Francisco. It’s a late flight (9pm) and I’ll be arriving in San Francisco around 10pm. I’ll catch a shuttle to my mom’s house which should take a couple of hours. Is Erika coming with you? Good question. Nope.

Sorry, but I’ll be unable to blog for the next couple of weeks. I’ll have a big surprise to share with you when I get back. Stay tuned…