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Monday, April 13, 2015

Trying to be creative

Erika and I have always been interior design “challenged”. In other words, we have no idea of what we are doing. We know that we do not want to use the same old boring colors, white and beige. This will be our last home and we want to try something different. Why not spice it up a bit with some color and…texture? 

Currently, we are in the experimental stage. I practiced texturing in one of the closets using an olive colored texture. I like it! The texture is made of natural materials and is designed to absorb the moisture in the air. I probably won’t texture the whole house, but I will texture some of the walls. The texture colors are a little too pastel for our taste. Instead we will use K-Paint for most of the house. K-Paint colors are warm, but not boring. Texture is added to the K-Paint. K-Paint absorbs moisture, freshens the air and prevents mildew. That’s very important in a humid climate. The paint comes in virtually any color. So far, I like the blue, yellow, and terra cotta. I want a green to match our sofa. We’ll see if they can match the color of our sofa. 

I really enjoy texturing. Why? I can make mistakes. As a matter of fact, mistakes are encouraged. Globs of texture create visual interest in what would ordinarily be a flat and boring wall. That’s the effect we are trying to create. The secret to a successfully textured wall is to use the “glob effect” sparingly. This takes some practice to get it just right, but I think I'm on the right track. Texturing is fun! Messy, but fun!      George

This is my first attempt at texturing. It's a lot of fun!

The texture is all natural. The material has many characteristics that we find attractive. One characteristic is that it absorbs moisture from the air and prevents mildew. It also freshens the air naturally.
Included in the purchase of the texture is the palette, applicator, masking tape, and an 18 liter pail of texture. Coverage is supposed to be about 12 square meters. Unfortunately, the colors are somewhat limited.

Here's our attempt at brightening up the place. Samples of  K-Paint are in the lower left hand corner. 

The paint samples are 100 yen each and come in small packets.

The texture samples are also 100 yen each. I'll be applying samples of texture on some extra drywall pieces I have around the house. The sample colors look nothing like the brochure. 

The primary reason I like texturing is that mistakes look cool. As a matter of fact, mistakes are encouraged. It's the first time during the remodel that I have purposely tried to make mistakes.