Summer 2019

Summer 2019
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Spring in Tsukahara

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Stairway to the third guest bedroom

There’s a lot of work to be done here. The stairs leading to the third floor require handrails before we can even think of having guests stay up there. The existing safety barrier is awful. I looks like we live in a barn.

Without any hesitation, the ugly barrier was removed.

All of the wood was reused. I had some 2x12’s that were leftover from the downstairs remodel. I cut those into stiles using a bandsaw. The sharp edges were rounded with a router. The cross braces were also cut into stiles. I used some recycled 5x5’s (not 4x4’s) for the upper rail posts. Any screws holes were hidden with plugs.

The whole thing will get a coat of primer and white paint. Up next…the upper rail installation, but first...

Also pictured is a piece of hinoki that was given to us from a farmer near Hasama. He gave us many hinoki logs that I’ve used for the legs on my work benches, supports for a wood shed, along with several other things. I must be nearing the end of the remodel because this is the last log. I’ve saved it for 5 years just for this project. It will be used as the post for the base of the stair handrail.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer: Time for cooking and baking

Lately, it’s been hot and humid. This is a good time to hang out in the kitchen. Erika made Pad Thai for the first time and it was incredible! I couldn’t believe that something could taste so good AND be healthy. Well, while Erika was in charge of cooking healthy food...

...I baked some unhealthy snacks: my mom’s secret recipe chocolate chip cookies and a new creation, Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies. Both are full of butter and sugar and all kinds of unhealthy stuff.

Fortunately, everything was given away to family and friends for the Obon holiday and I was left with just one cookie. That’s okay, since I have a triple chocolate cake, I made, in the freezer.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Completed new guest bathroom and bedroom

Well, here it is. After dragging my feet for almost three months, it’s done. I'll be adding a mirror and new electrical switch plates later. The toilet is made by Panasonic. It’s made entirely of plastic which makes it difficult to clean. However...

...there is a soap dispenser on the side of the toilet which works each time that it’s flushed. The shape of the toilet seat is almost square. First time I’ve seen a square toilet seat. It’s very comfortable and I think our guests will like it. The sink area has plenty of room for stuff. What kind of stuff? I have no idea. The guest bedroom is complete. Accessories will be added later. Two more bedrooms to go, but first the hallway and the stairway leading to the third floor will be finished next. Stay tuned...