Fall 2018

Fall 2018
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Completed new guest bathroom and bedroom

Well, here it is. After dragging my feet for almost three months, it’s done. I'll be adding a mirror and new electrical switch plates later. The toilet is made by Panasonic. It’s made entirely of plastic which makes it difficult to clean. However...

...there is a soap dispenser on the side of the toilet which works each time that it’s flushed. The shape of the toilet seat is almost square. First time I’ve seen a square toilet seat. It’s very comfortable and I think our guests will like it. The sink area has plenty of room for stuff. What kind of stuff? I have no idea. The guest bedroom is complete. Accessories will be added later. Two more bedrooms to go, but first the hallway and the stairway leading to the third floor will be finished next. Stay tuned...

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