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Summer 2016
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Plumbing and Concrete Preparation

Some of the heavy equipment was brought in to dig the foundation. Erika asked the contractor if she could use the hydraulic shovel to move some dirt from a small slope in the yard. The contractor agreed as long as she practiced away from the house. When I heard the news, my first response was, “Umm, no...I don’t think so.”
They make it look easy

Water pump for the well
Drains installed
The drains for the utility room, unit bath, two toilets, and one guest bathroom have been installed.       George

Surveying for the new addition

The contractors were careful not to disturb one of Erika's gardens.

This area is where the new addition will go. A section of roof will be removed and another section will be extended. This view gives a good idea of where the master bedroom (left), toilets (center), utility room and unit bath (right) will go. The window facing forward is where the guest bathroom will go.
The window and logs will be removed to allow room for a pocket door to the utility/bathroom.

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