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Fall 2018
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We're under construction!

Delicate work that requires digging by hand

The water and air pump has been moved to make room for the cement contractors. The cool thing about Japan is that contractors work on Saturday and Sunday. In the U.S., to get a plumber to work on Sunday would cost an arm and a leg. In Japan, working on the weekends is not given a second thought. It’s part of the job.

The carpenter is checking for a rotted sill plate
No surprise. The sill plate has areas of rot that will require replacement. Actually, the entire log will be removed. How will he do that? Stay tuned...

Our carpenter is orchestrating the entire show. He’s in charge of all of the various trades required to complete this job. He places the orders, manages schedules, and keeps us informed. I chose him because he has been doing this for over 40 years. The problem is that he officially retired in July. We begged for him to do our home remodel soon after he finished building our garage. He promised he would do what he could before he died. Died! He can’t die! He has to finish our home. Not only is he working on our home, he has two other construction projects keeping him occupied. Moral to the story: Skilled and experienced craftsmen are not allowed to retire.

Now that the remodel is under way, it’s time for Erika to purchase snacks to feed the workers. It’s important to give the contractors food breaks throughout the day. Add this chore to the mountain of things Erika has to do each day and I wonder how she can manage. I often don’t appreciate her as much as I should. She is a hell of a hard worker and I’m lucky to be with her. Thank you, Erichan. One day we can eat out to celebrate. Maybe…Hotto Motto?

Up next, the plumbing and concrete pour.     George

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