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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trash Concrete

The contractors mixed-by-hand a batch of “trash concrete” and applied it to the area receiving the foundation concrete. The purpose of the trash concrete is to provide a hard and level surface for the rebar. Polyethylene plastic was placed over the drain lines and the exposed soil. The concrete was then applied over the plastic sheet. I had never heard of this technique before. Thank you, Erika, for the translation. Up next: Installation of rebar and foundation supports.    George

Update: This morning, Tsukahara received its first light snowfall for the season. Time is running out to get the concrete poured.

BTW...the original foundation is a cement slab (no dirt under the house). The contractor commented that the original foundation is in great shape with no signs of settling after 18 years. I wish the foundation logs were in as good of shape.

The concrete slab will be at least 8 inches thick.

I'm not sure how the existing and new foundations will be joined. It should make sense after the rebar is installed.

Area ready for rebar

These cement contractors specialize in foundations. That's all they do.

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