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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Building Cabinets


Wow! Each board comes individually wrapped.

Somewhere in that stack of wood is our future kitchen cabinets
I will begin building the kitchen cabinets next week? Well, that’s the plan anyway. Our carpenter delivered the wood (19mm, pine) I’ll be using for the cabinet carcasses. I originally planned to use 15mm plywood for the carcasses, but our carpenter suggested using pine. When Erika heard the price difference between the pine and the plywood, she wasn’t happy. "It’s twice as expensive! We’re not going to live longer than 20 years,” Erika commented. “Why do we need our cabinets to be so good?” Our carpenter quickly defended the high cost by saying, "15mm plywood won’t last very long. If you want to have quality cabinets that will last, use pine." “Great answer!” I thought to myself. Honestly, pine will provide a nicer finish than the plywood after it’s sealed. Besides a quality set of custom kitchen cabinets would cost a small fortune in Japan. Shhh…the real reason is that I prefer real wood over plywood.


A whole bunch of woodworking tools will be required to build these cabinets. Fortunately, all of the tools are in the shop and ready to go. Two of the jigs I recently purchased will help with installing the hinges and the shelf pins. Another jig (Pocket Hole Jig) will be used for assembling the cabinets and face frames. I have a few surprise features I will discuss as the project progresses. Let’s get started!          George

Pocket Hole Jig

This should speed up assembly time and create very strong joints

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