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Summer 2016
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Lumber has arrived

The wooden forms are in and the concrete has been poured.

Master bedroom

Bath and utility room

The first shipment of lumber has arrived. Yeah!! The 8”x 8” vertical supports are made of cedar. It’s a good choice because it’s strong and insect resistant.

First shipment of lumber. Lots more to come.

The berm is ready for plants. The concrete Erika placed will be covered in gravel. She worked very hard to create her work of art.
I wanted to mention that the contractors went out of their way to give us great service. They moved a huge mound of dirt and built a berm to prevent erosion on the backside of the garage. They used some of the extra concrete to make two piers for a bench that will be constructed later.

Concrete piers for a future bench. The leaky water pump has been temporarily fixed.
They crushed the rest of the extra concrete to make road base. How much did all of this cost? Nothing! I think they like Erika...

Crushed concrete makes an excellent road base. Prevents weeds too!

Jobsite cleaned and leveled. Fantastic job!
Up next: finishing the foundation              George


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