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Fall 2018
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Monday, November 17, 2014

That's it for this year

How’s the observatory coming along? Observatory? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The framing for the floor has been started. I needed to make room for building cabinets, so the treated lumber I had set aside for the floor had to go.
The observatory dimensions are 8’ x 10’. The plans for the building are modeled after Wayne Parker’s “Skyshed”. I plan on incorporating a few extra ideas of my own.

Thanks to the kind and informative folks at the Cloudy Nights Forum, I have compiled enough ideas to keep me busy for a long time.
Framing the floor will probably be as far as I get on this project this year. I really need to get started on the kitchen remodel.    George

Update: The leftover concrete from the remodeled foundation was crushed and added to the top of the weed barrier. The rest will be added to the private road leading to our home.

Leveled and squared. Weed barrier and crushed concrete added.
That's about it for this year

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