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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This and That

A huge gasp of relief was expressed as we heard the great news of Kiley’s biopsy and blood test results being normal. Dr. Morlan assured us that Kiley should be fit for travel by the time we board our flight. She is a tough little dog and a fighter. Ganbatte, Kiley!
My left eyelid has improved. The doctor said that it will heal on its own provided that I keep the area clean and use a hot potato as a compress. “A hot potato?” Erika asked the doctor. “Yes, the potato provides heat that lasts and it also moisturizes the area. The heat opens the pores so that the pores can be cleansed,” replied the doctor. Of course my frugal wife asked, “Can we reuse the potato when we are done?” Good grief.
My mother will be making an unscheduled visit next week. I had a feeling that she would see me again before I left for Japan.  She wanted to make sure that she would be of some help in preparing for our move. I reassured her that she would be of great help and to be prepared to do some touchup painting. I don’t know why she just didn’t come out and say that she wanted to say goodbye in person. I’m relieved and glad that she is visiting. Humm, maybe she just wants to see the dogs?
As Erika’s time in the U.S. winds down, I’m starting to feel guilty and sad. She loves this country. She is comfortable here. She is leaving because of me. She is leaving because she wants to see me smile. My smile brings her happiness. Health and happiness are the two most important pieces of the puzzle that we call life. “As long as we are healthy and happy together, we can make it through anything,” Erika often tells me. I have heard those words many times over the course of our marriage. The impact of those precious words is being felt in my heart. She is sacrificing everything to make my dream come true. Erika says that I have made her life perfect for the past 14 years and that all she is doing is returning the favor. Erika and I have never exchanged gifts. We have never purchased presents for birthdays, Christmas, or even anniversaries. We try to show how much we care for each other; not by exchanging gifts, but by how we treat each other on a daily basis. The process of caring is a precious gift onto itself. I’ve reached a point in my life where I should accept her precious gift and take on the immense responsibilities that go along with it. George

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