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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Excitement Continues to Build

Imagine trying to purchase items for a remodel that hasn’t even occurred yet. I have a rough idea as to how I want to expand our home in Tsukahara, but what about the dimensions? How about compatibility, metric vs. English, 120 volts vs. 100 volts, Japanese vs. American construction methods, availability of parts, Japanese vs. American codes, etc.? The list goes on and on. For example, I had to guess on the amount of tiles and flooring I would need to complete the remodel in Japan. Some the rooms do not exist yet; just a rough sketch on a piece of paper. I think Erika is spoiled. She has this notion that I can do anything if she asks for it. She said, “Order all of the items now for Tsukahara that will be too big to carry in suitcases when we visit the U.S. in a couple of years.” “Ummm, okay,” I replied. My answer was, “Okay,” but my mind thought, “Good grief. You must be kidding!”
The pallets of tiles, laminate flooring, stains and wood finishes, cabinet doors, wood stove and chimney piping, sinks, faucets, and plumbing are here and ready to ship. It wasn’t easy or cheap, but it’s here. The future remodel will be designed according to the materials that were purchased and not the other way around. I guess I’m used to doing things backwards. The first winter in Tsukahara will be miserable. We won’t have a stove or any room to move around in. I’m guessing that we will probably spend most of our time in Nakatsu trying to get the business going. The home in Tsukahara will be used mainly for storage.
I’m worried about the blue tarp hanging on the side of the house. I hope it will withstand another brutal winter and prevent anymore leaks. I know I have a few more areas that need to be protected from rot. If I can keep the house from falling down until next summer, maybe we will be okay. We heard some good news about our water heater. The gas lines have been installed and maybe we have a new water heater. I’m not sure what is going on since our neighbor (Namba-san) is handling all of this for us. I better remember to make an insulated box for that water pump. I don’t want to have another one explode because of the intense cold.  George

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