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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Changing Attitude

We found a renter quickly. Is that good or bad? We could have asked for higher rent, but George has always told me, “Greed is a bad thing.”

I happened to be there when the couple came to look at the house. They were a very young professional couple. They seemed to be not interested in maintaining the yard at all. They were more concerned about maintaining their privacy.

The bad thing is that they have a dog. We told the property manager, “No pets and no smoking.” We learned of the pet issue after we heard the news that they were serious about renting our home. Yes, we have our own pets, but this is my house. I don’t want other dogs marking on the carpet and leaving hair all over the place. The property manager said, “If the owners are responsible people, the dog is usual well trained.” “Okay, if you can guarantee that in writing, then I will agree.” The property manager was quiet.

I know I can be harsh and difficult at times, but I have been so tired of fighting against so many people to keep my life perfect. My perfect life has been crumbling. Especially after dealing with Kiley’s illness, how could I say, “No dog.” I know I have to take responsibility for my words and actions, but I have to learn to accept others and their differences a little more.

The property manager wanted to find a renter ASAP, using as little expense and effort as possible. Who can blame them for that? That’s their business. I prefer that they honestly express their intentions, but I know that’s impossible. Realtors, car salesmen and property managers are all the same. They say that, “We are doing this for you. We care about you.” No, they are doing this for themselves. But, if I always keep the negative thought in my mind when I do business with them, I can never reach my goal either. Instead, I have to find a common denominator and work on myself. It’s tough, but working on others’ minds can be more difficult. George has helped me a lot.

The funny thing is that when I tried to be positive, flexible and tolerant, I found that I could let go of the problems and at the same time, Kiley’s health has been improving. There have been so many negative aspects surrounding our life this past year along with a downpour of bad karma this past month.  Through it all, we have managed to find someone to help us.

We had a terrible experience trying to sell the house and we ended up not selling. After struggling with a couple of crooked realtors, we managed to find a good realtor. Sure, it was a little late, but we found that we could rely on him to take care of our home in the future. When we were sick, our friends supported us. After we leave the country, we know that we have great neighbors watching our home. The past negative experiences have opened our eyes and guided us to move forward with our lives along with helping us learn to appreciate these people and to create a positive environment around us.


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