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Summer 2016
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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Renovation Update

Moving right along…most of the carpentry is complete. We are waiting for the roofers to make an appearance so they can install the galvalume siding. They have taken measurements, but their work is backed up because of all of the repairs being done to the earthquake damaged homes.

On a side note: I did not realize how unsightly the logs were until they were covered with vapor barrier and siding. The outside of the house looks new and basically it is. The galvalume siding will make a tremendous improvement on not only the appearance of the home, but also it’s longevity. I can’t wait for the change to occur.

Yeah! The lower logs are gone!! I know the purists of log homes wouldn't agree, but who cares. They don't have to pay an arm and two legs to purchase log preservation materials from the U.S. Guess what, neither do I. 

The new pre-entry is designed to allow a visitor into the house without letting the warm air escape to the outside. We've had problems with the entry being an extremely cold area during the winter months. This will solve that problem. We will also store firewood in this area. Above the pre-entry will be a large balcony made of metal. We used to have a balcony made of wood, but it caused all kinds of rot problems. The new balcony will be stronger, larger, and require little maintenance. 

I really love the new look. With the additional supports added for the galvalume siding, the walls are twelve inches thick! The additional wall thickness should help keep the house at a comfortable temperature year round. 

Well, that's it for now. the ScopeDome is waiting and I have lots of things to do. Unfortunately, I have a living room floor to install first. I'll update the progress on the telescope in the next post. Please stay tuned...

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