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Fall 2018
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Unveiling

Unveiling? Maybe, or should I say a sneak peek? It’s not completely finished, but it’s almost done. The roofers have been working very hard to complete the job before the end of the month. Erika and I were shocked to see them work in typhoon conditions. Heavy downpours and gale force winds did not stop them from getting the work accomplished. I was very concerned about their safety as the cut edges on the metal panels are razor sharp. The strong winds could easily rip the huge panels from their hands and do some serious damage. Experience prevailed and they moved forward with strong determination. They worked together like a finely tuned machine. It was amazing to see what they could accomplish in such a harsh environment. 


What's next? The scaffolding will be removed sometime this week. The veranda will be installed soon afterward. The concrete steps will be poured and the front door will be installed. The exterior wood siding requires stain and the exterior panels that were installed in Phase 1 will require a matching coat of paint. There are numerous interior items that need to be finished before I can say that "Phase 3 is complete". Please stay tuned...  George

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