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Fall 2018
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Monday, June 20, 2016

Preparing for the Galvalume

The roofers made a brief appearance in between jobs. They started installing the trim pieces in preparation for the Galvalume. 

Two windows were added to cool the third floor during the summer. 

The most noticeable improvement is the chimney. They did a fantastic job!! 

I have no idea when the roofers will be back. It's been raining and I doubt they will do any work on the house until the weather clears. 

Up next...the living room floor.     George 

Update: A couple of roofers brought some of the materials during a break in the weather. Lately, we have been experiencing frequent thunderstorms. The forecast for the entire week is unstable weather. The project must be completed by mid July. The scaffolding, trash container, and various vendors are scheduled to leave the property. Unforeseen circumstances such as the earthquakes and severe weather, have made the deadline of mid July almost impossible to achieve. If the weather does clear, the siding will take one week to install. The veranda, cement, wallpaper/ paint, etc. will require additional installation time.

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