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Fall 2018
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Preparing for winter

It looks like phase 3 of the remodel will be delayed until next spring. The contractors have been very busy. We were hoping to get a new roof, siding, veranda, front entry, slider door to the future sun room, and a few other things, but it will have to wait. We’ve waited four years so another 5 months isn’t a big deal. Actually, it will give me a little extra time to get the observatory built. If the timing is right I can have the roofers install a roof on the observatory and the house. That would save us some money. We’ll see how it goes. Erika gave me the “thumbs up” to begin construction on the observatory in March.

I’ve been preparing the outside of the house for winter. All of the gaps have been caulked. The siding and deck have been stained. I also installed gutters on the remodel. The outside of the remodel needs to be painted, but that will have to wait until the rest of the house has had new siding installed. In Japan, taxes are scheduled to increase from 8% to 10% next year. We want to have the remodel completed before the tax increase.

I’ve been installing a perimeter fence over the past few months. The deer have been getting out of hand. Hopefully, the fence will deter the deer from entering the property, but I’m not counting on it.    George

The siding has a new coat of stain

Rain gutters are installed

Perimeter fencing
The deer are not afraid of us or the dogs. They completely destroyed Erika's garden , the Japanese maples, and all of the fruit trees. I seriously doubt a fence will keep them out, but we have to try something.

The veranda and entry will be replaced and completely renovated. More on that later...

The roof and chimney will be replaced. 

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