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Fall 2018
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Autumn BBQ

We had a few adult students over for a BBQ this past weekend. Ryosuke, Miyuki’s son, also joined in the festivities. After giving a quick tour of the remodel, we sat down for some food, beer, and wine. Ryosuke spotted a deer in the bushes. Later, Kirasan, Eiko, Ryosuke and I took a short walk to see Kirasan’s farming skills. Yosuke and I continued our walk with the dogs around Tsukahara. As always, roasting marshmallows was a big hit. I think Yumiko enjoyed that activity the most. Ryosuke was kind enough to show us his dancing skills. I think it was called, “Kagura”. When I worked in Shonai, I remember several teachers talking about Kagura. It’s a form a Shinto theatrical dance. It’s amazing that Yosuke (or anyone for that matter) could remember all of the dance moves. 

We had lot's of laughter, food, entertainment, and conversation. All in all, I think everyone had a delightful time. 

The BBQ started at 3pm. Everyone tried to speak in English, but...

...after a few beers and wine, who cared.

Kiley enjoyed her bone

and so did Lucky

The BBQ winded down a little past 7pm. 
I want to give Miyuki a special “Thank YOU!” for coordinating the event. She took care of all the details and designed a really nice flyer…in English.          George

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