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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Phase 2 (Shortened)

The second part of the remodel has been completed. It involved the removal of the tatami room and lowering the floor and glass slider door. Sounds easy enough…right? I was responsible for the demolition of the floor structure. Our carpenter, Inagakisan, removed the lower supporting logs. Together, we removed the slider and retractable storm window. Inagakisan quickly built the new framing for the slider and the door was reinstalled before lunch. After lunch, the floor supports were installed. The next day, three vertical support beams were added to provide additional support for the upper floors. The lower logs were notched to accept the 28mm plywood floor. Tile will be installed later so the additional support is needed. The last step was to install the insulation and plywood floor.
It's finally time to say goodbye to the tatami room!

The existing floor structure was removed.

The lower log needs to be removed and the slider lowered.

This log has been a pain ever since we moved in. It's been a tripping hazard and an eyesore. The log separates the living room from the dining room, but...

...not  anymore. Inagakisan removed the log in three easy-to-manage pieces.

We removed the slider and storm window. There's a huge hole in the house!

The lower log is removed and ready for framing.

Time for lunch.

New floor supports were installed and treated.

Wasting little time, the slider was installed in a lower position. The dogs can easily enter the house from the fenced yard without climbing any steps.

Insulation was installed and then the 28mm plywood. The floor is solid. The room should be much warmer this winter with the improvments. The biggest more mildew smell!!

Nice! The floor is the same height as the rest of the house. 

 The storm window is installed and were ready for the next phase.

It’s really nice to have the floor the same height throughout the first floor. We never wanted tatami in our home. It smelled bad in the summer and it was hard to keep clean with dogs in the house. The room was poorly insulated and it was impossible to position our furniture with the elevated floor. With the tatami room gone, we can turn the space into a proper dining room with an entertainment center. The logs under the tatami floor have been damaged with fasteners and notches. The logs are discolored and will require a lot of work to match the existing wood work.

The original plan for Phase 2 was to have the roof replaced, but the roofers have been busy with the flood damaged homes throughout Japan. We have to wait our turn. Perhaps in November, Phase 3 will begin…stay tuned.   George

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