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Fall 2018
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Roof and walls

The predicted weather forecast was calling for rain/ snow and both carpenter’s wanted to get the roof installed. They did so and in a big hurry. It took them just under two days to remove and install a roof, and frame some of the walls. That’s not a misprint…just under two days! They made it look easy and effortless. Here’s a bunch of photos to bring you up to date. Enjoy.    
A section of roof was removed and the sill plates were installed. Some vertical posts were installed and the scaffolding was assembled.

Sorry, no photos of the roof removal. We were in Hasama all day

Framing the walls...

Framing the roof

The entire corner of the house will be removed to allow access to the unit bath and utility room.

Joining the roof to the wall framing

Roof sheeted and covered before the rain

Some of the walls on the first floor will be removed after the exterior walls are constructed.

The far window and wall will be removed to allow access to the utility room and bath. The near window will be replaced with the far window and moved towards the center above the new kitchen sink

Joining the roofing structure to the logs

The wall with the door will be removed to allow access to the rest of the house from the master bedroom.

Framing the windows

To be continued...
Up next: Finshing up framing the exterior walls              George

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