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Monday, December 1, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new

A lot of progress has been made since my last post. Inagakisan removed the cross bracing to gain access to the foundation logs. The logs overhead were supported by jacks and the vertical logs were removed. Inagakisan accomplished all of this by himself and very quickly! Before Erika had a chance to grab the camera, he was done. (When using a chainsaw to remodel, things get done in a hurry).The rotted areas in the corners of the house will be removed and replaced with new lumber. The sill plates were replaced with hinoki. Lap joints were used to splice the sill plates together.

A jack was used to support the upper beam

The carpenter removed the cross bracing...

...then removed the vertical supports

After the bracing and supports were removed, the rotted foundation log was removed

Not much holding up the upper beam

The first half of the foundation log was removed...

...and then the second half was removed

The plumber drilled a very large hole in the foundation

The plumber drilled a four inch in diameter hole in the concrete foundation. Erika said that it took him about 30 minutes. I think the hole is for the drain line from the master bedroom toilet. 

Erika asked me,"Aren't you sad to see the logs removed?" I quickly replied, "You mean the rot? Heck no!" I think the house looks open and new since those ugly cross beams are gone. Nope. I don't miss those rotted logs at all. I wonder if the carpenter could do the same to the rest of the house? Dreamer...      

These logs were given to a neighbor for firewood

Remodeling projects create a pile of debris that requires removal. A trash container will be brought in, filled, and removed when the project is completed.

The logs are made of spruce. Spruce is not a great wood for burning because it is less dense than hardwoods. That means spruce does not produce the long lasting coals needed to heat the house. Spruce can be used in the cooler seasons (spring and fall) where the house can be warmed with a less heat producing wood such as spruce. Creosote isn’t a concern since I can easily clean the pipes each year if needed.
Up next: framing walls and the roof

The rot will be removed with a chainsaw and replaced with an 8x8

The opposite side cross bracing, vertical supports and foundation logs are removed. Hinoki sill plates are installed.

Remember the rotted log that was here? It's gone!

This transformation was completed in one day!

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