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Fall 2018
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's cold and it's getting colder

It snowed last night. The high for today is -1C and with a wind chill factor, it feels like -10C. Despite the frigid temperatures, progress continues with the remodel. The outside walls are framed. The windows and doors are installed.

We wanted to have bright white windows installed to match the other windows. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get bright white windows in Japan. YKK and Lixel did not have them. Instead of spending a fortune to have them imported from the states, we settled for a cream color. I purchased the same color windows and door on the new garage and they blend in well with the beige and walnut color scheme.

Master bedroom

Bath tub and utility room. Beige colored walls are in the background.

Entry to the utility room. This entry will be used everytime the dogs are walked. The propane tanks, piping and meter will be removed as soon as the electric water heater is installed.


This year, a metal roof will be installed over the entire lower section. Next year, when we can afford it, the rest of the roof will be completed. Yesterday, the roofer took measurements and gave Inagakisan an estimate. I think the roofing will be installed next week?

Up next: demolition of the interior walls...time to move to Hasama?



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