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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Living in a tent

It feels like we are living in a tent. The only thing that is keeping the freezing cold air out of the house is a blue tarp. Erika has been busy keeping the wood stove full of wood. With the tarp, stove and Erika, the house has been a comfortable 20C.

Here are some pictures of the work that was done yesterday. The work pace hasn’t slowed despite the weather.

This view is the outside looking into the former kitchen.
This is the inside of the house looking out. The gaps in the tarp were closed as soon as we found out how much cold air was seeping through.

The cooktop and sink are out in the elements. It's very difficult for Erika to cook anything in the freezing cold. It's ironic. When we moved here, it felt like we were camping. Now, it REALLY feels like we are camping!

Some of the debris leftover from a busy day

The roofers are installing a seamless galvalume roof. The roof installs over the existing shingles. This results in a roof that will not leak and it's quiet inside when it rains. The installation saves time, leaves the existing roof intact, saves money.

Plenty of flashing over the logs to prevent rot. I need to install a gutter as soon as possible to protect the lower logs. The house was not designed with an adequate roof overhang. That's one major factors as to the cause of all of the rotted logs.

This used to be an exterior wall

View from the master bedroom

Tools of the trade

This corner will be removed as soon as the electrician pulls some wires.

The pine flooring sits on top of plywood that is only 1/2" thick! The entire first floor will require at least 1 1/2" thickness to support the tiles. The pine flooring is glued and nailed. Another layer of plywood will be added to the top of the existing floor. Nails will be used every 6 inches.

Wiring mess

Hard to believe this transformation was accomplished in one day!

Former outside wall

This wall leads into the existing bath. The wall will be removed and the stone bath will be demolished. The sink, washer, and gas heater will be removed.

Vapor barrier was quickly installed to help keep the cold air out, but the blue tarp in the kitchen did the trick. The lower roofing runs vertically because the pitch of the roof is shallow, The upper roof will have the roofing run horizontally because of the steeper pitched roof. Lots of scaffolding will be needed. This will have to wait until next year. Scaffolding is expensive!

The roofer is finishing up. The camera's exposure shows a bright sky,  but it was quickly getting dark...and cold.
Up next: Plywood floor? Stay tuned...           George

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