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Monday, January 28, 2013

Crepes and Kitchens

Erika purchased a portable cooktop from Trial for a reasonable price of 1500 yen. She felt sorry that I had to cook at the stove while she enjoyed her crepes sitting at the kotatsu. In Seattle, we had the same setup. I could cook and eat at the same time. Along with the crepes, we had bananas, pudding, whipped cream and jam…yumm.
After our kitchen is remodeled, we’ll be able to start baking all kinds of goodies. The kitchen will be as large as our kitchen in Seattle. All of the fixtures, cabinet doors, flooring, tiles, even the garbage disposer were purchased in the U.S. before we moved to Japan.

I think I miss the Cuisinart mixer and our convection oven the most. The Cuisinart is sitting patiently in the box waiting to be used. The oven still needs to be purchased. When I remodeled the house in Seattle, I completed the entire house before I did the kitchen. This meant that we didn’t have time to enjoy our beautiful kitchen. The remodel in Tsukahara will be different. The kitchen will be started as soon as the garage and deck are completed.   George

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  1. I love all the different ways of cooking at the table here in Japan... nabe is my favorite, but those crepes look fantastic!