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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dog Door (Number 3)


We have a balcony that has not been used since we moved here. Every morning, the dogs wait patiently for me to open the door to access the balcony. They like to bark and howl at the volcano and deer…I guess it’s a thing that dogs like to do. We decided to install a dog door (dog door number 3) to give them the freedom to bark and howl from the balcony whenever they desired to do so. We also have doors that lead from the entryway to the dining room and from the dining room to the fenced backyard.

Before I cut the wall, I used a wire/ stud detector to check for electrical wires. I found two sets of wires located where the door was going to go. I spliced in some additional wire so that I could build a dog door frame to protect the wires from exposure. I was surprised to find that the exterior walls are framed with 2X6’s. I was also happy to find that the studs are 16 inches on center. Our home was built the North American way!  

Next, I cut the interior wall to size. When I was sure that everything would fit, I used a diamond blade to cut the exterior wall. It was -5C outside and I didn’t want to leave a hole in the wall for too long. I caulked the framing and door and installed the outer dog door trim.

I was having so much fun that I decided to decorate the outer door area so that it mimicked the exterior of the house. I made an “A” frame that was complete with hand cut cedar shingles. I’ll trim and paint the whole thing to match the house when the temperature warms up.

This was the first time that I cut the exterior wall of the house. I was hesitant at first because the walls are made of cement backer board. The diamond blade cut through the wall like it was made of butter. That’s promising news for another huge project I have in mind. When I finally get around to remodeling the house, I will need to remove a few walls. I want our future guests to enjoy the views from anywhere in the house. The new deck and garage are the next major projects before the remodel. Hopefully, I can get started on those fun projects before the rainy season…summer.   George


  1. 屋根が付いたんだね

  2. Oh wow, what lucky pooches! So I guess you own the house? I don't think our landlord would appreciate us cutting a hole in the wall of our rental (and our yard isn't really secure enough anyway), but I would dearly love to not have to get out of the kotatsu half a dozen times an evening to open the door for our little ones.

    1. Hi Sophelia,

      Thank you for commenting. We purchased our home a couple of years ago. It's still in a state of disrepair, but we're working on it. Our pair of Jack's are spoiled, but we would do just about anything for them. I'm sure you feel the same about your precious ones. Believe it or not, the main reason we purchased our home was for the dogs. As you know, it's very hard to find a rental that will allow pets. Take care. BTW, we enjoy your blog. You have given us a lot to think about in regards to orphans.

    2. I believe you! We moved into a new apartment a year after coming to Oita so that we could get a dog. That quickly became two dogs, and we moved again into our current house largely so that we'd have a back yard for them! All up the cost of moving twice is... actually, I'd rather not think about it >.<