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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cake Decoration

My next challenge is cake decoration. Again, I know if this were George, people would understand if he did it. Even though everyone knows he can do a better job, he is not interested in decorating cakes. He thinks that as far as the cakes are tasty, that’s enough. He also knows that this skill could help us in the future, when we are living in Tsukahara. We are not certain what we will be able to do for a living in Japan…teaching, café…anything and everything for survival. Any skills that we can develop in the present will help us for our future. Then, why not, since I have so much time and this makes George happy since I can get out and challenge myself.

By the way, I don’t think I have so much spare time since I lost my job. Walking the dogs for 4 hours everyday, cooking, cleaning and running errands require tremendous time and energy. I’ve developed a respect for house wives and husbands.

Well, this is my first cake. The instructor told us to draw something easy. I asked George to draw a cute dog. After I brought the decorated cake home, George took a close look at it. He smiled and asked, “I thought I drew a dog, not a chick?” I needed to make an excuse. “I didn’t have time. I spent most of the time frosting the white cream around the cake and I had only 10 minutes to do the picture. It’s not easy to decorate in such a short time and with so much pressure.” I quickly spelled one of the neighbors’ kids’ names in Japanese on the cake and gave it to him. He was polite enough not to say anything, but he did smile. His mother kept saying, “It’s so cute. This looks like one of the cartoons on your (her kid) computer game.” The boy still didn’t say anything, but kept smiling at it. The decoration is probably worse than a chick. Hey, the cake should be good…it’s from a box. How much can I possibly mess it up?
Practiced frosting and pon-pon flowers

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