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Monday, January 10, 2011

Before and After

To my best friend A.L.,
As per your request, I have uploaded the “before and after” pictures of my house in Seattle.

AL probably thinks we were stupid to have spent so much money on remodeling since we can’t get the money back when we sell the house. I appreciate her concerns, but we didn’t plan on the economy crashing before we put the house on market. At least, the dogs and I enjoy the clean and new environment. Guess what, when we move to Japan, we will be back to living in an old and small house. The most expensive part of the remodel was not the interior, but the roof. This was a priority since we needed to keep dry in rainy Seattle. The HOA allows only the most expensive type of roofing. When we bought this house, we were told that it would cost only 15K to change the roof. But it ended up costing 30K. Never trust seller’s mouth, eh?

So, here you go;
You can see where all of our hard work and money went to.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After
Kitchen After
Hallway Before - all purple tiles

Hallway After - Changed to bamboo flooring and
George made the shoji screen and the art on the wall


Front Yard - Before, We removed all the roses
Front Yard After - planted a lot of maples and azaleas
and added two rock walls

Living Room - After - new paint and moulding,
George made the mirrored mantel over the fireplace
Living Room - After - George made a window seat
for the dogs. Kiley loves to spend hours
on the bench looking outside
Master Bathroom - Before

Master Bathroom - After

1 comment:

  1. so beautiful!!

    i miss my mom's big kitchen. a few years ago we bought a house here and the kitchen is a apartment-style kitchen!! i hate it! but, i have to live with it, and maybe someday there will be a remodel.

    will you be remodeling in yufuin?

    also, do you mind if i add your blog to my blogroll (on my blog)?