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Fall 2018
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Oven is here!

After five years and eight months of waiting, the oven is finally installed and operational. I couldn’t wait to start baking again so I gave the oven a test spin. All of my baking equipment was still in boxes from Seattle. Unboxing that stuff was like opening presents on Christmas. I haven’t seen any of it in six years. I chose to make a simple banana nut muffin. I made all the conversions from English to metric. Some of the ingredients needed to be modified since Japan either doesn’t stock the ingredient or it’s outrageously expensive. The full size convection oven worked wonderfully. I’m able to evenly bake on four racks at a time using “fan mode.” 

Lucky was able to keep an eye on the muffins to let me know when they were done. I still need to add trim to the cabinet to give the oven a "built in" look.

Nice! Everything was evenly brown and slightly crunchy on the outside and light and moist on the inside. It's time for something a little more challenging, but first I really want to make my mom's chocolate chip cookies. They are fantastic and I've been craving them for a long time. Stay tuned. 

Since the weather is cooler, it's the start of pizza season.Yeah! The wood stove is operational and here's our first pizza of the season. Time to eat!

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