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Fall 2018
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

M13 Hercules Globular Cluster

After a long wait, about 3 months, I was finally able to put together an image of the Hercules Globular Cluster (M13). Integration time is 4 hours in LRGB. I wish I had more time to image this target, but the weather would not cooperate. As I write this post it is cloudy…again. Perhaps, October will bring clear skies?


M13 is a very popular target for imagers. It’s relatively bright and it’s possible to image even when the moon is out. M13 is one of the oldest visible objects in the night sky. It has been estimated to be 12 to 13 billion years old which is close to the age of the “Big Bang”. I did a little research on the net and found that the cluster consists of 300,000 stars. How many can you count?


I was planning to image M16, The Pillars of Creation, but it looks like that will have to wait until next year. The Elephant Trunk Nebula is a possible next target…we’ll see if the weather cooperates.

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