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Summer 2016
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

House Renovation Continued

The renovation is well under way. The exterior has been framed. The roofers are scheduled to install the galvalume siding next week. So much has been done that it’s hard to keep up. The pictures should be self explanatory.

This is the main reason why most of this work is being done. The log is completely rotted. Several of the logs are in the same conditions. Many of the logs were removed and given to the neighbors for firewood starter. The logs that remain will be covered and protected from any moisture. Large timbers will be added for structural reasons. 

The house is basically being rebuilt. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to buy another house? Sure, but we could not find another house with this incredible view. We purchased the house for the land and not the other way around. In the end, it should all even out and we’ll have a practically new house for less than a similar new home would have cost. 

The former entryway was removed to make room for an entry that is enclosed. I'm not sure why this was not part of the original design since most homes in Japan have this feature. My guess is because the home came from Canada. 

The blue tarp is finally removed for good. We have had a leak on this side of the house since we moved in. The vapor barrier and galvalume will eliminate any chance of a leak. 

I'll conclude this post with a few pictures of the new slider window installation. 

Here's a view of the 8 x 8 timbers used to frame the window opening. This officially makes every side of the house supported with new timbers. Inagakisan did an incredible job to get everything to fit tight. 

I think Lucky was happy that the hammering was done for the day.      George

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