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Fall 2018
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life goes on

The roofers have started installing galvalume on our home. We are still having frequent aftershocks, but the roofers need to get the job done. I find their spirit motivational!

This morning my cell phone made a strange noise. It was an alarm triggered by a landslide warning in the Yufuin/ Shonai area. The warning was telling everyone to evacuate the area. Erika and I have been in Hasama since very early this morning. We are not sure what the road conditions will be like when we go home late tonight.

The roofers did not work today because of the heavy rains. They will attempt to get the roof done this weekend. They have been working almost 12 hours a day. Many people need their services in Yufuin and the surrounding areas.     George 

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