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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Door and Rot Update

Just a quick update…the door has been repaired, refinished and reinstalled. The stonework around the door came with the house. I’m going to change the color of the grout to blend in with the stone. That project will have to wait until I start tiling our new floors.
The rot repair is almost complete. The damage has been removed and the surface has been treated with Shell Guard and filled with epoxy. The epoxy clay is easy to mix and apply. A couple of coats of sealer and stain will finish up the job.
I’ve been busy removing oxidation from the logs and paneling in the former garage. The area will be renovated and turned into a downstairs master bedroom. The master bedroom on the second floor will be used as a guest bedroom. Erika and I believe that when we get older, climbing the stairs will become difficult. Relocating the master bedroom will solve that problem.   George

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  1. ドア、すごくカッコよく仕上がったね