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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cleaning the wood stove and's fun!

The clear plastic tarp(included) taped to the front of the stove is not pictured.
During my previous trip to the states, I purchased a really cool product that is used to clean a wood stovepipe. Instead of climbing a ladder (30 feet) to clean the pipe, the stovepipe can be cleaned from the front of the woodstove. Not only is this a safer method to clean, it’s less messy. Interested? Take a look…
Spinning whip trimmed to fit a six inch diameter pipe
The spinning whip is trimmed to fit the stove pipe. The 3 foot sections of rod are snapped together to achieve the desired length. The whole thing is slowly inserted into the stovepipe. When it reaches the top, connect the assembly to a drill motor.
Drill motor adapter is included
Vacuum, drill motor, light
Before turning the drill motor on, tape a plastic tarp to the front opening of the stove and feed the tube through the tarp. Insert a vacuum hose into the stove opening to catch any dust that may fall down the pipe. Turn  the vacuum on. Turn the drill motor on and use an up and down motion to remove any creosote. 
Keep the bend in the rods gradual.
It was a good idea to cushion the sharp metal edge from damaging the plastic rods.
To clean a 24 foot section of pipe took about 10 minutes. The hardest part of the whole procedure was removing each 3 foot section of cleaning rod. The snaps require a little effort to unlock. This is important because you don’t want the sections to come apart inside the chimney. Continue cleaning and removing the rods until you reach the bottom. Turn off the vacuum, remove the tarp, and be amazed at how clean your stovepipe is. It’s really that easy!
The darker material is creosote
The tool works well even if there are bends in the stovepipe. Just make sure to keep the bends gradual. Any sharp bends can break the rods.


I waited almost 3 years to clean our stovepipe. It was so easy to do (and fun), I might clean the stove every year.      George

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