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Monday, August 12, 2013

Look! It's a tail.

And now, a word from our sponsor. Have you ever purchased dog food that your canine companion didn’t like? Never fear. Your dog will love Kirkland brand dog food. The first ingredients listed on the bags are either chicken or lamb. That’s a good thing. It means that the primary ingredient is not corn. In Japan, it’s difficult to find dog food that doesn’t contain corn. Sure, the dogs like the taste, but corn is not good for them. Our dogs eat dry dog food because it’s good for their digestion and teeth. It must taste good because Kiley is finicky about her food. In America, we used to purchase our dog food at the pet store. They must have had 50 different varieties of food. We asked for samples of 10 different dog foods. Kiley refused to eat any of them, except for one. Luckily, it wasn’t the most expensive, gourmet type of dog food.

In Japan, we discovered that we can purchase our dog food online from Flying Pig. The 40 pound bag costs about 5000 yen. The cool thing about ordering online is that the delivery fees are very reasonable. Another cool thing about ordering things online is that the delivery times can be selected. Talking about convenience. I can have an item delivered on a Sunday night if I chose to do so. The food arrives well packaged and with a signed packing slip from the person boxing the items. Great service! If you haven’t guessed, Flying Pig is associated with Costco.    George

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