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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey, I know them!

The world is very small, indeed. We were shopping at Handsman for some wood to frame up the benches. I came across a familiar name in the lumber department…Weyerhaeuser. Who? Weyerhaeuser. You know…the company Erika used to work for. The lumber is labeled “SPF” which stands for “Spruce, Pine, Fir”. To the untrained eye, each piece of wood looks the same. The trick is to smell the wood. Each species of wood has a unique scent. Well anyway, it’s kinda cool knowing that the benches on the deck are made of wood from Erika’s old stomping grounds. Greg (Erika’s former boss), if you are reading this, any comment?     George 


  1. Yes George, it truely is a small world. I hope you and Erika are doing well, it certainly looks like you are busy with your house renovations. Rom and I are doing well here in the Mojave.

  2. Hi Greg! I knew I could get you to comment if I tried hard enough. It's good to know that your doing well in the desert. Erika sends her "love". Please don't laugh too hard.

    1. Very funny George

      Erika must be misinterpreting again!

      Once Rom completes her MBA next summer, we plan on moving out of the US.


  3. MBA!? Wow! Rom must be very intelligent. Sounds like a well thought out plan. Instead of moving out of the country, why not work for Weyerhaeuser? I'm sure they could use Rom's talents in the accounting department. Please keep your response rating at the "G" level. This is a family website.

  4. Weyerhaeuser is no longer the great company it once was in the pacific northwest, just greed mongers like so many us business now. We are hoping that with a mba she will be able to secure a excellent job in austraila, Singapore, shanghai etc