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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three Days To Go

We will have a Christmas Quiz show as part of the party activities. The questions have multiple choice answers (A, B, C, D). Each family will have a set of answer paddles. There are 10 easy and 10 challenging questions about Christmas traditions and Santa Claus. Individuals will receive a reward for answering a question correctly and a grand prize will be awarded to the person that correctly answers the most questions.

Our students will give speeches and sing Christmas carols in English to the parents. The parents will have a chance to sing Silent Night in Japanese while I play the guitar. I’ll do my best to sing in Japanese, also. I’m kind of nervous about singing Silent Night in Japanese. When I was very small, I had to sing this song in front of a school audience. I forgot the words and I have been suffering from stage fright ever since. Well, maybe not ever since, but I suffered for a long time. This is my chance to redeem myself.

In an earlier post I mentioned that we stuffed candy and super balls inside of a piñata for the Christmas party. The reason for the super balls: They are harder to collect when they bounce on the floor. The super balls can be exchanged for special candy and gifts. The party is less than 3 days away. I’m starting to get anxious, especially about our surprise. Surprise?..stay tuned.     George

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