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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Party Time

It wouldn’t be Christmas without these classics. We’re trying to incorporate these videos into an English lesson plan for the holiday season.
 Our Christmas Party will be in Hasama on the 15th of December. Erika has been making the invitations and I’ve been busy with the party favors. We are very grateful to the community of Sunny Town for letting us use their community center for the party.
A few of the parents will help in making this a fun and successful Christmas party for everyone involved. Erika and I are very excited to share this holiday with the students. In Japan, Christmas is all about presents. Many students believe that Christmas is on the 24th of December because that is when the gifts are exchanged. I’ve been trying to explain that Christmas is a birthday that is celebrated on the 25th.
Since Halloween is the kick-off to the holiday season, Happy Halloween. The kids really don’t understand the scary part of Halloween. Most of them know that it’s a time for wearing costumes and eating candy. We are going to pass on having a Halloween party and concentrate on having a great party in December. Stay tuned…
A footnote: The people who know us know that we don’t celebrate holidays. We have never given each other a present for any occasion, except for my 50th birthday, last year. It’s ironic that we are planning a Christmas party with all the bells and whistles. Life is full of surprises.    George

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