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Monday, November 5, 2012

Log Splitter

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter. The temperature has dipped below freezing. The wood pile has grown to an acceptable level provided that the winter season will not be too severe.

Our manually operated splitter had to be retired because of a hydraulic leak. It did a heck of a job considering how cheap it was. Rather than follow the same route, we decided to go electric this time. My goodness! What a difference! Manually, it would have taken 10 days to do what we have done in only one day with the electric splitter. It was almost fun to split wood. Seriously, we accomplished ten times more work with ten times less effort. I could split oak with a diameter of 15 inches. No problem. Maple, cherry, oak, and acacia were no match for the splitter.
It’s a heavy duty machine (300 lbs) with two speeds and it requires a 20 amp circuit. The slow speed does the initial work of splitting the big stuff. The fast speed follows through and finishes the splitting process. It’s very simple to use and relatively safe. 
We ordered it from Rakuten and they delivered it within a couple of days. It's amazing how fast packages are delivered in Japan. The mail is even delivered on Sunday...after 8PM...out here in the middle of nowhere!  We discovered that it's easier, cheaper, and more convenient to order online than to go to the store. Since Erika and I hate to go shopping, this is a good thing.     George

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