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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Short Cut

I discovered a short cut to Hasama from Tsukahara that saved me 10 minutes. The scenery is nice and the road is wide with only a few curves and cars. There are a few sightseeing spots on the way. One of those spots is Shidaka Lake.  I had heard of the lake before, I think when I was a child. My dogs were interested in the area. As we drove by, Lucky stuck his nose out the window and tried to smell something. Kiley got up and tried to jump out the window when we passed by there. So, I decided to stop to see what we were missing. Wow! We were not disappointed! There were many beautiful koi, swans, and a few trails. The best part, it was the middle of the week and very few people were there.
It took us about 40 minutes to walk around the lake. I told George about this adventure, but all he was interested in was his volcano. So, I took some pictures to try to change his mind. “Why don’t we go dating with our dogs sometimes?” I asked George. It was just a few minutes away from our regular commuting route. Shoot! I should have taken a picture of some ice cream that they sold near the lake. That was the best way to tempt George. The problem was that the ice cream was made of tofu. George discovered in the pictures that I took that his volcano (Mt. Yufu) was visible from the lake. “Hey, we have to go!” exclaimed George…he’s so predictable. 


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