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Summer 2016
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Finishing up

It didn’t take long for the wind in Tsukahara to test my building skills. The wood shed held up with no problems. Earlier, I added some cross bracing to steady the structure in case of high winds. The bracing was made of recycled logs and 4 by 4’s. The bracings were wedged in by friction and gravity (10 pound sledge hammer). The BBQ pit was tested and it worked very well. It was the right height and size so that each person had enough room to cook for themselves. It took about an hour to get the coals just right for cooking. My favorite dishes were: corn-on-the cob, baked potato, and… beer. The family had a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon of barbeque and lounging around in Tsukahara. Erika discovered that it didn’t cost a fortune to have yakiniku, so it’s time to invite guests.   


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