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Summer 2016
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


After two intense days of spring cleaning, our visitors arrived. My cousin (Megumi) and her son (Nao) arrived on Saturday afternoon. We had a pleasant walk to a local restaurant (Hammock) and had yakiniku (Japanese bar-b-que). The owners of the restaurant (Okunaga-san) were our friends and they gave us a little extra chicken and beef. The chicken was raised by the restaurant owner. Erika couldn’t eat the chicken because she had seen them earlier and felt bad about eating them for dinner. I understand. I wouldn’t have eaten them either if I had known. After the meal, we walked home and chatted for a while. Megumi and Nao had to leave very early the next morning to catch a bus/ train/ flight back to Kanagawa. Erika made omelets for breakfast and we enjoyed the view before we took them to Yufuin. The visit was short, but it gave my relatives a chance to see how I was doing. I’m sure my mother will get a full report.


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