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Friday, May 25, 2012

Such a Positive Person

Oh my! George wrote in his last blog that I wanted him to bring those airplanes??? It’s amazing how a positive person can interpret things his way. I never said I wanted to… I just didn’t want to waste money by throwing or giving away his toys. Every time we moved, we threw or gave away thousands of dollars of stuff. George didn’t like having garage sales or telling me the cost of the stuff he was throwing away. I usually found out later. As soon as I told him to bring all of those expensive airplanes, he made a huge box that looked like a coffin. It was so heavy and bulky. It was probably more expensive to ship the box than the airplanes. When we were first married, I complained how expensive his hobbies were to my aunt. She told me, “People need some interests and his are very creative and helpful for the house.” Since then, George always reminds me of her words. I asked the wrong person because she has as many hobbies as he does.

George is enjoying his life more than ever. He needs some good friends to share his hobbies with. I wish I could invite his students to fly the airplanes or to look through his telescope. Unfortunately, I am afraid to have hundreds of kids running around this small house. I know he wants me to show curiosity about his projects, but that stuff just sounds like blah, blah, blah to me. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful?” Um…m, all that I’m thinking is… “Please don’t crash it. It will cost more to fix it.”

Yet, I have tried to save pennies to build the garage as soon as possible. Of course, it’s so he can set up the telescope. I know I sound hypocritical. I guess it’s love, eh? Last night, I had to look for him. Usually when wives look for their husbands, they will call different bars or check the cell phone. In our case, I have to look for him outside in the dark. After I yelled for him a hundred times, he came back with a simple comment and question, “Shh…………., you’ll disturb the frogs. Isn’t the sky beautiful?” He is as bad as my dogs. My dog, Lucky, disappeared in the field and came back with a rash on his belly. We quickly fenced in the yard for him. I guess I’ll have to install a taller fence for my husband.


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  1. Hi Erika,
    I laughed so much when I read this post... men often have a different way of looking at things, don't they! We really need to get together sometime soon - George could wow my kids with his telescope and planes and we could have a leisurely chat. Good luck with finding George everyday - perhaps you could attach a homing beacon to him!