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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Unwelcomed Surprise

Before purchasing my dream home, I was warned by a contractor and an architect not to buy the house. The main concern was a leak on the exposed side of the house. The post and beam construction made it difficult to locate this particular leak. Rot was also an issue although no one was sure about the extent of the damage. The damage ended up being more than anyone expected. After talking with the designer and taking a log home care class from Permachink, I was able to make an educated guess as to the scope of the rot damage.
main support near garage
injecting CPES

no tools equals a lot of extra work

solid wood replacing rot


I did a temporary repair by removing the soft and mushy wood, and replacing the areas with solid wood. Due to the limited time I had to make the repairs, I filled the entire area with epoxy resin and CPES. This should stabilize the rotted area until a permanent repair is accomplished. Luckily, both areas will be cut out during the remodel when we can afford it. The materials to do the repair were shipped from the U.S. This was extremely expensive because resins are considered hazardous. I wished that I had sent more resin because as I picked away at the rotted area, it became larger and larger.

This was frustrating and stressful as I witnessed my dream home being slowly eaten away by rot. I wish I could move there sooner.


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