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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Impressions

After searching for several years for the right home in Japan, I finally found it and decided to make the purchase. We, however, did not spend a single night in our home until eight long months after signing the contract. This was because we could not sell our home in Seattle, coupled with conflicting work schedules, and the weather.
Finally on November 2nd, we experienced our home for the first time. The house was empty and cold. We didn’t have any furniture…not even a chair! We did have a very old camping stove, refrigerator, futons, and a kerosene heater. The refrigerator, after the dollars to yen conversion, ended up costing us a small fortune, but we couldn’t live without one. The camping stove and futons were borrowed. We also borrowed three foldable camping chairs. The kerosene heater was another investment we had to make to survive the cold days and nights in Tsukahara. Television, radio, computer and cell phones were all a distant memory.
The night sky was simply incredible. The stars formed a luminescent blanket above my head. As I looked to the heavens, I heard all kinds of rustling and grunting in the Susuki . It was pitch black and in that kind of intense darkness, my hearing became sensitive and my imagination went wild. I imagined all sorts of creatures lurking in the bushes. Having heard that wild boar live nearby, I decided to step inside to the safety of my futon to try to get an early start on some much needed sleep. I briefly opened the window in the tatami room to let some fresh night air in. The strange noises I heard earlier had all disappeared. The only sound that I could hear was silence. It was as if we abandoned all of civilization. Savoring the thought, I closed my eyes and had the most wonderful and peaceful night sleep.

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