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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Did I mention anything about the leaks? Most of the leaks are on the exposed side of the house. A large blue tarp is covering the outside of the house where the leaks are supposed to be. Inside, evidence of leakage is clearly shown in the photos. The water stains are on the surface of the logs, so I should be able to remove most of the damage with a sander. Later, I’ll go back with sealant and a clear gloss acrylic coating. The sealant that has already been applied to the house is in terrible shape.(My wife can do better job. My dogs will help me rip all of the old sealant out.) I plan to use a color that will match the spruce logs. After cleaning up the old sealant and logs, foam rod is installed first, and then a layer of sealant is applied. I measured over 400 feet of foam backer rod that will be required for the inside of the house.
All of this will be done after we can get a container of materials to Japan. I’m still working out the details of shipment. Wood stains, preservatives, sealants, cleaners, and restoration materials need to be shipped. Tools, tools, and more tools will be needed. Most of my equipment requires 120 VAC 60Hz. Japan uses 100 VAC 60Hz. This means transformers will be needed, not only one but several, in order to run anything with a motor in it.
Before the tools and materials arrive, a separate garage will need to be built to secure and store all of this stuff. The existing garage has no way of securing anything. $$$$$$$$$$$...As the expenses begin to pile up, I’m thinking of playing the Lotto. My main goal is to give my family a roof over their heads and a dry house to sleep in. With all the expenses and problems surfacing, I did discover one thing. After all the repairs are made, I think I’ll miss the blue tarp. How does a blue roof sound?

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