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Summer 2016
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TailWagon Dog Trailer

The dog trailer was purchased about 8 years ago in Seattle. It was hitched to the tandem and we rarely used it. We knew as the doggies got older we would need to have a way for them to get around, but at the same time provide a way for us to exercise. Well, that time has finally come. Lucky was diagnosed with a torn ACL in his left rear knee. He’s been having difficulty walking. Instead of having an operation, I decided to have him rest for a couple of months and go on a diet. I’ll closely watch him to see if he improves over the next couple of months. According to the internet, smaller dogs have a very good chance of full recovery when a course of rest and weight loss is followed. Stay tuned…

The trailer is easily attached to the quick release. It’s very light and roomy inside for both doggies. The trailer has a bunch of pockets for storage. A futon on the floor provides a nice comfortable bed. Short leashes prevent the doggies from jumping out. Lucky loves it so much that I often find him resting in it, waiting for me to drive him around! He barks at me if I don’t ride fast enough!! Pictures of the doggies being "taxied around" will be included later. It's a lot of fun and good exercise too.  

 The  trailer has a brake and a stand for parking. 

The side material is reflective. The wheels have sealed bearings. Great design and it's well built. 

It's not too wide for the narrow roads of Japan. 

A Velcro rain hood can be easily rolled up and stored away. Lucky loves to have the top down with his face into the wind. More pics later...

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