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Monday, May 1, 2017

Entry Area Sink

It’s been awhile since I updated any progress on the five year remodel. Erika and I have always wanted to have a place for our guests to wash up near the entry. We also wanted something that was eye catching and colorful. I think we managed to accomplish those goals. To make all of this a reality, a nice piece of wood was required. The Japanese Chestnut was shipped from Osaka. I needed to shape, cut, drill, sand, stain, and finish the piece. The entire process was fun.  

The area the sink will be installed is here, near the front entry. It's hard to believe, but this used to be the entry to the bathroom.

Alright then, the base cabinet is complete and the top is drilled for the faucet and sink. The top is almost 2 inches thick!

Here's a close up view of the cabinet top. 

Ready for stain, finish, and paint. The door opens to gain access to the plumbing.

Here's a view of the drain and water hookups in the floor of the cabinet. 

Almost done. The sink certainly provides color and is an eye opener when our guests enter the house. 

Tile and a mirror will be added to the wall. I also have a "surprise" which will be added to the cabinet later. Please stay tuned for the finished product...

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