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Fall 2018
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Passing Time Till Autumn

It’s been a very hot and humid summer this year. The good news is that autumn will be here soon. Autumn weather is great for finishing up outside projects. In the meantime, I’m finishing up inside projects. This means painting, paneling, wall papering, and …sleeping.  

Under the bar counter, I installed some paneling to blend with the existing logs. 

After finishing the paneling, it was time for an afternoon nap. 

The utility room required some prep work before painting. Pictures will be posted later. The upper log (dark brown) used to be on the outside of the house before the remodel. I built a box around the log to conceal it. Next, I wallpapered the upper portion of the room. Everything was primed in preparation for paint. The ceiling was stained and clear coated. The lower half of the wall will be tiled. The utility room will take some time to complete. An entire post with pictures will be added later.

 Lucky continued with his nap while I worked in the living room. 

The living room is ready for some color which will be discussed in a future post.               George

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  1. I ran into your post by accident and I'm glad I did. What can I say? What a huge undertaking, building a high tech observatory and house at the same time. I'm not worthy! But, totally enjoying your progress and wishing you all clear skies and envious you don't have to see Trump's face and hearing everyday some new scandal. Just for that the move to Japan is worth it! I'll be following your fascinating adventure from this point on.